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Castor & Ailsworth Cricket Club

#16 Andy Johnson


Nickname: AJ / Mrs Castor

Playing Role: Overseer of the Future

Age: 47

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: The People

Favourite Cricketer: JJ
#(No Number Selected) Norman Gray


Nickname: Storm

Playing Role: 1st Slip / Bowler

Age: 74

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: They still pick me

Favourite Cricketer: Norman Gray
#44 Charlie Talbot


Nickname: N/A

Playing Role: Specialist Fielder 

Age: 16

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: Nathan Snart's 107 at Newborough 

Favourite Cricketer: Cristiano Ronaldo
#29 Nathan Snart


Nickname: Skids

Playing Role: All Rounder - Sunday Gun

Age: 16

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: My Nan's Tea

Favourite Cricketer: Joe Root
#28 Michael Gibbons


Nickname: Gobbo

Playing Role: Team Mouth

Age: 28

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: The lack of Decorum

Favourite Player: Lasith Malinga / Kieron Pollard

#22 Neil Wright


Nickname: Big Show

Playing Role: Fielder

Age: 29... ish

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: The Showers

Favourite Player: Dwayne Leverock
#27 Ashley Killingsworth


Nickname: Birdy

Playing Role: Bowler

Age: 18

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: Hooch

Favourite Player: Harry Cavanagh

#8 Reece Smith


Nickname: Barmaid

Playing Role: First Team Captain, Middle order batsman & bowler

Age: 25

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: The group of players

Favourite Player: Kumar Sangakkara 

#69 Ryan Evans


Nickname: Ched

Playing Role: Left Arm Straight/Lower-Middle Order Batsman

Age: 26

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: Unsure

Favourite Player: Kevin Pietersen

#(No Number Selected) John Jarvis


Nickname: JJ

Playing Role: Wicket Keeper... Trying to Retire

Age: 55

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: Nothing

Favourite Cricketer: David Gower

#52 Billy Porter


Nickname: Happy Gilmore

Playing Role: Rookie

Age: 20

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: Norman Gray

Favourite Cricketer: Virat Kohli 
#99 Callum Johnson


Nickname: Wacka

Playing Role: Bowling All-Rounder 

Age: 16

Favourite thing about Castor CC: Norman Gray

Favourite Cricketer: Christopher Henry Gayle

#00 Cameron Dockerill


Nickname: Cammy

Playing Role: Opening Batsman - Anchor

Age: 20

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: The Deck

Favourite Player: Jason Roy
#10 & #17 Saqib Farooq


Nickname: Siddo

Playing Role: To add #flare

Age: 22

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: Hard Sandwiches and Soft Pitches

Favourite Player: AB de Villiers & Kumar Sangakkara

#26 Lee Jacobs


Nickname: Tubes

Playing Role: Lower Order Batsman, Bowler

Age: 25

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: The players & chat

Favourite Player: David Willey

#45 Ross Porter


Nickname: Boss

Playing Role: Castor Boss

Age: 25

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: Tour

Favourite Player: Paul Adams & Phil Tufnell

#36 Dave Porter


Nickname: DP

Playing Role: Sunday 2nd Team Skip... Bowler, can bat pretty well too. 

Age: 50

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: John Jarvis

Favourite Player: John Jarvis
#61 Joseph Higgins


Nickname: Higgo

Playing Role: Specialist Overseas Fielder (bowls a bit... bats a bit)

Age: 26

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: The Players

Favourite Player: Michael Bevan

#32 Ryan Johnson


Nickname: Number 11

Playing Role: Whacker... when we're short

Age: 19

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: Gobbo (Michael Gibbons)

Favourite Cricketer: Joe Root

#21 Aiden Steels

Nickname: AIDS

Playing Role: All Rounder - Top order bat 

Age: 19

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: The Players

Favourite Player: Jacques Kallis & Alastair Cook

#25 Harley Killingsworth

Nickname: H

Playing Role: Chat Technician/Wicket Keeper

Age: 19

Favourite Thing about Castor CC: Tour

Favourite Player: Anyone with a Rig